Activation Case Study:

Verizon Alianza Copa Youth Soccer Tour


Event Details and location

In collaboration with an experiential production agency, InCast staffed a multi location tour in 10 markets from August 2021 to December 2021. We hired a total of 100 team members nationwide in 10 cities:
  • Austin 
  • Houston
  • Philadelphia 
  • El Paso
  • Denver 
  • Chicago 
  • New York 
  • Dallas 
  • San Jose 
  • Los Angeles

Multi-Market Sport Tournament Staffing

Local market Spanish speaking brand ambassadors educated consumers on how Verizon “Te Da Mas”. The objective for Verizon was to build trust within the latino community by stationing themselves in areas with a high volume of Spanish speaking consumers.  Bi-lingual (English and Spanish) staff were supplied to be inclusive of the desired target audience and support diversity in the local marketplace.
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Activation Results

Brand Ambassadors trained virtually about key talking points for this activation. Tasked to engage and pull consumers into the display footprint to relax, cool off, charge devices, and interact with the Verizon Rewards Wall. Each guest received a surprise Verizon branded swag item. The ultimate prize of a Verizon bundle including a 5G cell phone, subwoofer, and Verizon data plan was given away to one consumer in each market. Team members also engaged with consumers to ask the ultimate brand value question, “Would you recommend us to a friend or colleague?”. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) responses were collected anonymously.

The Staff’s Approach:

  • Engage Spanish speaking consumers 18+ who attended Alianza
  • Hit KPIs within each market throughout multi-day events
  • Relate to consumers through the love of soccer (futbol) and sports

How Customers Were Engaged: Upon entering into the footprint, guests were greeted by brand ambassadors who invited them to relax, cool off, and charge their devices. Staff lead target consumers to the Verizon Rewards Wall where guests interacted with a digital display promoting the brand and offering chances to win exclusive prizes including signed LaLiga gear. A single grand prize of a Verizon bundle was awarded in each market. Due to the activation taking place during the Covid-19 pandemic, staff maintained social distancing according to local and federal guidelines and sanitized as directed between guests.

Provided for Activation:

  • Branded giveaway items
  • Signed LaLiga giveaway gear
  • Verizon plan and product bundle for each market
  • White dry-fit shirts, branded Verizon hats and masks

Metrics & Recap Reported:

  • Number of customers engaged
  • Positive and Constructive Feedback gathered from each location
  • Response and reaction of consumers
  • Photographs of consumer interactions in various markets

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