Activation Case Study:

Hello Kitty Friends Around the World Pop-up Shop

Hello Kitty

Event Details and location

Hello Kitty celebrated her 45th anniversary and in collaboration with an experiential production agency, InCast staffed (2) 30-day interactive pop-up stores in Los Angeles, CA and Seattle, WA. We hired a total of 60 staff members in various roles to support the pop-up:
  • Staffing Manager 
  • Gift Shop Manager
  • Gift Shop Staff 
  • Tour Guides/Assistant Tour Guides
  • Registration Staff
  • Hello Kitty Mascot 
  • Mascot handler 
  • Floaters/Floor staff

Interactive Pop-Up Shop Staffing

The Hello Kitty Friends Around the World Tour was a celebration of Hello Kitty’s 45th anniversary! The pop-up was a fully immersive, multi-sensory, walk-through experience taking guests on tour around the globe with our tour guides to visit Hello Kitty and her friends. At the end of the experience guests took home “supercute” photos from each room and had the opportunity to shop exclusive merchandise in the store run by our gift shop manager and gift shop staff.
Hire Pop-up staff

Activation Results

InCast staff dedicated their weeks and availability to shifts Monday through Sunday in order to support the Hello Kitty pop-up experience for superfans. The Los Angeles pop-up took place in September/October of 2019 and the Seattle pop-up took place in November/December 2019.  The Staff’s Duties:
  • Exude outgoing, helpful and friendly demeanor with enthusiasm 
  • Communicating with guests upon arrival to direct flow of the pop-up 
  • Over-communicate with staffing manager and work as team players 
  • Open availability and cross-training between positions to ensure proper staffing coverage 
  • Making authentic, personal connections with Hello Kitty and all of her friends 
How Customers Were Engaged: The Hello Kitty 45th pop up was an “airport” themed experience for Hello Kitty and her character friends around the world tour. Upon entrance of the pop-up shop, guests were greeted by registration staff at the ticketing counter where they received passport lanyards and souvenir hats and pins. From there, they entered into the lobby to purchase snacks and treats while they awaited departure.  Once the tour guide was ready for take off, the gate attendants boarded each guest for their first stop on the tour. Tour guides stopped in London, Paris, Hawaii, New York and Japan. Guests received passport stamps, surprise and delight items in each room, and had a chance to take multiple photos from different interactive stations. In the last room of the tour, Hello Kitty made her special celebrity appearance to thank everyone for attending. The tour guides then escorted guests into the gift shop for a chance to purchase exclusive Hello Kitty 45th anniversary merchandise. The whole experience took 1.5 hours from start to finish.   Provided for Activation:
  • Hello Kitty branded bomber jackets for the tour guides 
  • High Top red Converse
  • Black Puma pants 
  • Special 45th Anniversary shirts were provided to each staff member 
Recap Reported:
  • Positive and Constructive Feedback gathered from each location

Working with Destiny and her team is an absolute joy. Her communication and dedication to ensuring that she hires the right staff is above and beyond any other staffing agency we’ve worked with. We produce unique events, and she always comes through with the perfect staff, and if there’s ever a situation where a staff member doesn’t work out, she handles it very professionally and doesn’t skip a beat replacing them, ensuring our events are never short staffed. We now work with InCast Marketing exclusively - they are unmatched!

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