Activation Case Study:

Coachella Pandora Activation

Coachella & Pandora

Event Details and location

In collaboration with an experiential production agency, InCast staffed a 3-day activation completed in April 2022, bringing back in-person experiences in the post-pandemic world. We hired a total of 12 team members for Indio, California. The activation consisted of several elements within the footprint including:
  • Pandora en Plein Air Lounge
  • Pool Side Paradise
  • Garage Band Garage
  • The Rest House
InCast Marketing handled lodging accommodations for all staff provided.

Dreamy Escape by Charli XCX

Twelve diverse brand ambassadors, including several multi-lingual, were supplied to be inclusive of the desired target audience and support diversity in the local marketplace. The InCast Marketing staff helped guests enjoy a dreamy oasis and take a break from chaos to discover their own moments of creativity, exploration, and relaxation. Inspired by the singular vision of celebrity creative Charli XCX, the activation drew from cinematic nostalgia and rock & roll to kick off the festival season in style.
Staff Your Activation

Activation Results

InCast staff was dedicated to the creative, expressive atmosphere. Brand ambassadors welcomed guests and checked them in, giving the proper level of wristband based on age and VIP status. Guests were invited to be sized for a Pandora purchase and encouraged to visit the Pandora ME piercing station as well as other distinct experiential elements of the activation where they could make a purchase or take home a photo or swag. Brand ambassadors communicated directly with consumers to cultivate impactful experiences and stories about the brand. The Staff’s Approach:
  • Be friendly and approachable
  • Be genuine and energetic
  • Show proactive care, assisting where needed
  • Demonstrate product knowledge and know how to seek answers
  • Create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation that welcomes creativity
  • Communicate concerns or issues with event leadership and team leads
How Customers Were Engaged: The Pandora Oasis Coachella Activation was an independent event neighboring the Coachella Festival. Consumers were welcomed to grounds celebrating the vision of Charli XCX and emerging female artists, self-expression, and style. Through a flexible schedule, guests could create their own adventure choosing who they want to be. Drinks were provided to guests of age, jewelry was available for a hands-on experience and purchase, and live performances elevated the event to a new level. Throughout the day, branded golf cart drivers helped VIP guests to commute to the festival. Provided for Activation:
  • Pink shorts/pants to embody the brand
  • Charli XCX shirts
  • White sneakers
Metrics & Recap Reported:
  • Limited to 400 guests
  • Hashtag usage
  • Positive and Constructive Feedback gathered from each location
  • Response and reaction of consumers
Photographs of consumer interactions in various markets

Thank you for the note! The team was great and Wendy was an awesome manager. I appreciate the flexibility and help they all provided. We'll definitely be working together again soon!

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