Activation Case Study:

Bud Light Transparency in Ingredients

Bud Light

Event Details and location

In collaboration with an experiential production agency, InCast staffed a 7-Week, multi location on-premise bar/restaurant activation completed simultaneously in 8 markets. We hired a total of 48 team members nationwide in 8 cities:
  • Dallas
  • Austin
  • Houston
  • Philadelphia
  • Cincinnati
  • Cleveland
  • Chicago 
  • San Antonio

Multi-Market On Premise Staffing

Local market brand ambassadors and field marketing managers educated consumers on premise inside bars and restaurants about the four main ingredients in Bud Light beverages. Bi-lingual (English and Spanish) staff were supplied to be inclusive of the desired target audience and support diversity in the local marketplace.
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Activation Results

InCast brand ambassadors and field marketing managers educated consumers at local bars in a personable, interactive setting about the increased quality of production, and transparency of the 4 main ingredients of Bud Light: hops, barley, rice & water. The campaign unfolded in the spring of 2019, after a series of three commercials during the 2019 Super Bowl. The Staff’s Approach:
  • Friendly, Approachable & non-confrontational
  • Maintain a two-way conversation, Keep it fun and lighthearted 
  • Approach all guests - male and female beer drinkers alike
  • Leverage sampling of promotional materials to keep customers engaged
How Customers Were Engaged: Brand ambassadors and field managers approached customers with a trivia game to play to win a free beer from the brand. Activation staff opened up conversation about the product, the ingredients, and provided transparency aligned with brand goal specifications.  Provided for Activation:
  • Ingredient quiz notepads
  • Branded Pens, Shirts, & Koozies
  • Access to product on-location (tap, bottle or can)
Metrics & Recap Reported:
  • Number of customers engaged
  • Positive and Constructive Feedback gathered from each location
  • Response and reaction of consumers
  • Itemized receipts for beers purchased

Destiny is by far one of my favorite people to partner with given her professionalism, attention to detail and ability to deliver regardless of project size or challenges. Her positivity and bright personality make her a pleasure to work with time & time again.

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